Single Speed Bicycle Tips

A single speed bicycle is exactly what the name implies, a bike with only one speed.  When I was a kid, the only option we had was a single speed bicycle.  However, it soon became very cool to have a multi speed bike, and the most popular was the “ten speed”.

My first “ten speed” looked very much like the the bike pictured here, only with more cables and all the whistles and bells of the day.  Times changed and bike technology changed too.  It is amazing how many different types of bicycles have become available through the years.

If you are not familiar with the bicycle world, you may be surprised at how many different varieties and applications of bikes there are out there. However, it seems as though things have come full circle, at least as far as the single speed bicycle is concerned.  The single speed bicycle, the forerunner of all modern bikes,  that looked very much like the beach cruiser pictured below is once again becoming increasingly popular.

The single speed bicycle is in a word, simple.  There is only one sprocket or cog on the rear wheel and one also on the pedal crank, which means there are no gears to shift.   No gears to shift also means that there are no shifters or cables, which appeals to the enthusiast looking for a sleek, bare bones and simple bike that will get them from point A to point B.

One of the appealing features of the single speed bicycle is its simplicity. The fact that there are no gears to shift, leaves the rider with only one responsibility: pedaling. You do not have to worry about being the right gear, because you only have one gear. The trimmed down design also allows for great maintenance advantages.  Less things to break, means less things to fix.  There are no shifters or cables to worry about.  A single speed bicycle

has no need of derailleurs or chain rings, which are expensive items to replace when they break.  Another plus is that you never have to adjust something that isn’t even there.  Fewer parts mean less weight, making single speeds popular with racers.  No shifters or cables mean less clutter which is another appealing feature.  Many enthusiasts appreciate the aesthetics of a sleek, smooth looking and uncluttered single speed bicycle.

Top Feature of a Single Speed Bicycle – Ease of Use

Riding the single speed bicycle couldn’t be easier. You pedal to go forward and you stop pedaling to stop. One drawback to a single speed bicycle is riding on different terrains.  You might find that the gear ratio for riding on pavement doesn’t work as well for trails. However, most riders tend to use their single speeds for a specific purpose and this issue is easily overcome.

Face it, the advantages are all there; less weight, less maintenance, low cost and a bit of sentimental value too.  Look around the website and check out the single speed bicycle.

Everything You Need To Know About Swing Set For Kids

Outdoor Fun For Kids

What do parents look for in a quality swing set for their kids? Parents want their kids to have safe, fun and entertaining options for outdoor playtime.

Safety And Quality Materials In Swing Sets For Kids

Safety is by far one of the most important things parents look for with purchasing a swing set for kids. They will want to know how easy the assembly of the swing set is. Has the swing set been tested for safety, the appropriate age the swing set is intended for and how many children can play on the swing set at one time?

Quality materials are also important in swing sets for kids. Are they looking for a wooden, metal or plastic swing set? Parents need to be sure that the material they have chosen will stand up to the weather conditions of the area in which they live. Good quality pressure treated wood is vital to their swing sets durability and longevity. Plastic and metal swing sets can be durable and functional as well.


Exercise And Fun In Swing Sets For Kids

Another important aspect parents need to look at when purchasing a swing set for kids would be the amount of exercise it can provide their child with. Exercise should be fun for their kids and they should be excited to go outside to play. What will they include in the swing set? They can include a fort, swings, and slides, see saws, air-glider, trapeze swing or even monkey bars. Getting out of the house in a fun, safe environment is beneficial for their children as well as beneficial for the parents.

A Few Of The Benefits Are:

  • Exercise in a safe environment
  • Entertainment that lasts
  • Versatility – kids can use their imagination as well as physical abilities
  • Kids can enjoy the outdoors
  • Parents can relax while the kids play

Cost Effectiveness In Swing Sets For Kids

Parents need to consider the cost of this investment of a swing set for kids. Over time the cost will be worth it for the benefits it will provide for their children. The higher quality the longer the swing set will last. Parents also should consider the amount of space they have available in their back yard and the amount of space they are willing to use for the swing set for kids.